Handheld screwdriver


The telescopic screwdriver TC-HS V2 has been developed for tough industrial use.
It is characterized by its compact and robust design.
The TC-HS V2 is particularly suitable when the pressure force of the screwdriver is required. This is for example the case when processing wood screws, drilling screws and self-forming screws. The hand-held tool with its ergonomic design is available in two versions. Depending on the position of the screwdriving point and the workplace design, either the rod shape or the pistol grip is suitable.

  • Pneumatic or electric drive
  • Guidance of the screw in the mouthpiece during the entire screwing process (drilling screw)
  • Screw stroke is performed by the operator (screw stroke = screw length + feed stroke)
  • Optionally torque or depth shut-off
Handschrauber TC-HS

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